Get quality mortgage advice, swift approvals, and a dedicated team to find the best mortgage solution for your residential or commercial needs.

Residential Mortgage

Your new home awaits!

You can enjoy:

  • Competitive market rates
  • Up to 80% financing
  • Up to a 25 year term (or up to age 65 whichever comes first)
  • An expert team to guide you through the process

* conditions apply

Own your own home now!

Land Loans

Ready to build your own home? Let us help you to buy the Land to start your dream home with a loan from PROVEN Bank.

Benefits include:

  • 25% down plus closing costs
  • A 10-year term (or up to age 65, whichever comes first)
  • A rate of Prime + 2% (present effective 9.00%).

Residential Construction Loans

Picturing your dream home? We are ready to build with you! Speak to a PROVEN Bank representative today and secure a construction loan.

This loan package includes:

  • 70% financing of the purchase price of the land plus the cost of construction
  • Interest is paid monthly at a rate of Prime + 2% during construction over a term of 12 to 18 months
  • Once construction is completed the loan is converted to a mortgage with a rate of Prime +1%
  • Your down payment could be reduced should you own land that is free and clear
    *Conditions apply

Investment Properties

Solid investments provide maximum returns. Grow your portfolio today through an investment loan from PROVEN Bank. We have a competitive package with a team of experts to guide you through this process.

Benefits include:

  • Investment loans for a new property are 30% down plus closing costs
  • Up to a 15 year term (or up to age 65, whichever comes first)
  • A rate of Prime + 2% (present effective 9.00%).
  • Rental income is calculated only using 50%.

Invest in your future now!